Choosing a Dentist

What would you suggest that people look for when choosing a veneer dentist?

Dr. Shalit responds: ” There are actually several things to look out for. The office environment and appearance is interestingly enough of key importance. If the office is aesthetically pleasing we can rightly assume that the dentist is aesthetically oriented which is important in a dentist whose business is giving you a beautiful smile.

Then of course it is important that the dentist uses the latest technology available which goes hand in hand with continued education where the dentist will stay current with the newest techniques for optimum results.

A very good idea is to request pictures of cases which the dentist has done. In this case a picture can definitely be worth a thousand words.

I received my accreditation in aesthetics from an institute that deals only with cosmetic dentistry, the National Institute for Cosmetic Learning – MASH.”

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