Deciding Which Procedure to Use?

Often patients will arrive confused as to which procedure would be best. How do you help them with that decision?

Dr. Shalit replies: “Each case is of course unique and we have to consider what the patient wants and what we need to do to achieve our goal. The first step is talking to the patients and determining what they are looking for. There are often several options.

If a patient insists that he does not want tooth structure removed (either because they are concerned about the pain or just feel uncomfortable with the idea of removing tooth structure), than of course we will consider Lumineers. We can change the shape and color of the teeth, close a gap between teeth as well as straighten them in two visits to our office with absolutely no pain and no tooth reduction.

Sometimes however it is necessary to use Veneers. For example, if there is crowding or overlapping of teeth we will have to remove some of the tooth structure so that we can place the veneers. If the teeth are badly stained from medication taken when the patient was young – the tooth will be an irreversible grey or blue, then veneers is the way to go.

We have had patients coming into the office for veneers thinking this is their only option. After an examination of their teeth I will recommend other treatment options altogether. Sometimes all they need is a whitening to change the color of their teeth. In one instance a girl came in for a full set of braces. After the consultation she was delighted to learn that all she needed were two veneers in the front”

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